Akshay Nurturing Sustainability
for Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth advances equitable opportunities for community participants and creates a level playing field for their constructive and effective engagement within social, economic and political systems.

The inclusive growth approach takes a longer-term perspective wherein interventions are aimed at harnessing the social, environmental capital of people and their habitats, while also encouraging corporate employees to constructively engage with local communities.

The activities rolled out under the Nurturing Sustainability for Inclusive Growth theme include the following:

One of the crucial facets of natural resources is Energy. We at TPCDT are consistently working towards increasing and improving the access to clean energy amongst communities.

Thousands of villages across the length and breadth of our country are still struggling for needs such as street lights and clean fuel for cooking. Installation and maintenance of solar streetlights and micro solar grids for basic electricity needs, thus forms an important part of our community development activities in the energy vertical.

Other interventions on the energy front include installation of domestic biogas plants. With the help of green fuels, households obtain benefits of efficient waste disposal, usage of green and clean energy and healthy lifestyle for women. To help conserve the forest cover and provide clean energy solutions, TPCDT has joined hands with the forest department in the Maval catchment villages. The forest department has come up with an LPG connection scheme for the scheduled tribe families in this area. Apart from that other solar energy solutions including like smokeless Chullahas, installation of solar equipment (Slope roof structure for tin roofs) in schools to improve the school infrastructure and provided a clean and stable source of energy in remote areas. Solar Energy based water pumping systems have been installed for farmers in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with NREDCAP in the State.

In line with our commitment to the environment to increase sensitization of people towards greenery, environmental promotion programs have been initiated to Increase green cover in designated areas. Several tree plantation drives have been conducted. Afforestation and sapling distribution programs were conducted from time to time. TPCDT also conducts "Environment Awareness Programs" regularly in communities and schools.

Through our sports interventions, we help youth discover their fullest potentials. Sports Coaching was initiated for youths in Mahul, to hone their skills in Hockey, Football and Athletics. While the youths are gainfully engaged, leadership skills, decision making, time management and other skills are instilled in them. Apart from the youth, their parents are also involved in similar activities and as a result it has been found that their mind-set has transformed. While these youths pursue their education essentially, they also participate in various Tournaments and Annual Day Functions. Very often the increased engagements in sports have resulted in improved academic performance as well as increased self-confidence.

TPCDT has been supporting communities impacted by natural disasters. Sudden and devastating as they can be, it can take long time for the communities to recover. Support has been extended to the survivors of natural disasters that happened in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Nepal.

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