Vidya Augmenting Primary Education System
with emphasis on Girl Child Education

Education is essential for empowering and enabling the underprivileged to participate and take advantage of opportunities as one of the community's cherished goals.

Education is one of the most effective elements to combat social and economic backwardness. The organization undertakes diverse and sustained educational initiatives to enrich the lives of underprivileged children.

The activities rolled out under the Education theme include the following:

TPCDT has taken the initiative to improve the quality of education to increase school attendance & retention of students and ensure 0% drop-out. Our education initiatives help needy children to up-grade their learning level as per their age group and inspire them to take up higher studies. Our Education Excellence Program has different initiatives like Extra Coaching/ Remedial Classes, Education Material Support, Aptitude, Student Counselling, Coaching, Career Guidance, Teacher's Training Program, etc.

Exclusive Program under AA (Affirmative Action):

Started extra/ night coaching classes, benefiting about 318 SC/ ST students appearing for Class X and XII Board Examination.

Needy students are supported by providing Scholarship to pursue their studies. Students are supported for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education to follow their dreams.

Exclusive Program under AA (Affirmative Action)

Provided scholarships to 53 SC/ ST students amounting to INR 13.17 lakhs.

Technology is a blessing as its changes the way life functions. E-Learning is a technology that helps students to learn better through its interactive education modules. TPCDT's initiatives like Smart Classes, Computer Education Programs, Interactive Classes etc. helps students to increase their academic performance as well as enable them to use interactive modules like videos and presentations. These visually attractive methods of teaching are appealing to students who struggle with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom.

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